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Infared Non-Contact Digital Thermometer

Our advanced non-contact infrared thermometer is easy to use. It uses an infrared detector to detect body temperature from the temple for adults & children and can be used both at home and hospitals. The CE Certified thermometer is designed for practical use. It can also be used to measure any temperature other than human body, such as the room temperature or liquids.

Theramal Temperature Scanner Station

The Dahua Thermal Temperature Station offers a compact and easily deployed solution for monitoring human skin temperature. Install and implement the station to detect elevated skin temperature in environments such as hospitals, clinics, office buildings, and retail locations.

Thermal Scanner Network Video Recorder

Network video recorder offers an excellent performance and high recording quality for IP video surveillance applications. For applications where details are critical for identification, this professional NVR provides a powerful processor with up to 4K resolution. Additionally, the NVR features a mouse shortcut operation menu, remote management and control, center storage, edge storage, and back up storage.

Thermal Temperature Scanner Desk Stand

Desk Stand for Thermal Temperature Station

Thermal Temperature Scanner Floor Stand

  • One-piece Design for Quick Deployment and Portability
  • Galvanized Steel Construction
  • Compatible with the DHI-ASI7213X-T1 Thermal Temperature Station
Material: Galvanized Steel Dimensions (H x L x W):
  • ASF172X-T1:  1472.60 mm x 304.10 mm x 155.0 mm (57.98 in. x 11.97 in. x 6.10)
  • with DHI-ASI7213X-T1: 1519.50 mm x 304.10 mm x 155.0 mm (59.82 in. x 11.97 in. x 6.10 in.)
Net Weight: 8.70 kg (19.18 lb) Gross Weight: 12.90 kg (28.44 lb)